Lincoln City Council looks to ban 'coffee puddles'

The Lincoln City City Council is looking to fine denizens who pour drinks on the ground. No more "this is for my homies."

Lincoln City, Oregon is a wonderful place to take a vacation with the family and check out all the Oregon Coast has to offer. With some of the best beaches, restaurants and kite festivals, its no wonder the city draws tourists from all over the world.

But a new city ordinance that could soon go into effect may be having some tourists thinking twice about visiting the coastal gem.

Before we get into the buzz surrounding the "coffee puddles" law, its important to point out that a new animal waste law may be why the council is seeking the implementation of new nuisance laws.

The Lincoln City Council is close to passing a new ordinance that forces animal owners to carry a "means to remove fecal matter." This means any time you have a dog, cat or ferret on a leash you will be required by law to have a poo bag on your person. Code enforcement officials can ask if you have a bag on you and if you fail to provide one, you'll be fined.

Now Lincoln City residents and tourists will face something far more sinister than a poop ordinance. Pouring any liquid on the ground anywhere will carry fines from $50 - $5,000. The new "coffee puddles" ordinance will be measured by splash zone. For every six-inches of splash, offenders will pay an exponential fine up to the maximum of $5,000.

Fines will automatically be set to the maximum if the offense includes cappuccino foam or spent tea bags. 

"I think it's great those spillers will get fined," said Lincoln City resident Federico Pistachio. "I slipped in one the other day that resembled a silhouette of Donald Trump and I just layed there. I felt violated."

The ordinance provides provisions making it a crime to splash another person or vehicle. Under the new ordinance those crimes will be catagorized as assault 5 which is punishable by up to 10 hours in jail. 

Proponents of the ordinance say it will bring in much needed funds that they ironically say, "will probably be spent on coffee." 

People opposed to the new coffee puddle ordinance say they will just pour more and try to do it in areas with heavier traffic. 

"If they do this, I'm just going to pour as much as I can," said local barkeep Cassidy Butchdance. "I won't even finish my drinks on purpose and I'll collect others. Stickier the better. I'll pour orange soda on park benches."

Protesters have been gathering at City Hall holding signs such as: "Don't spill on me", "You can have my drinks when you pry them from my cupholder" and "Pour me a river."